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Photo package at the San Antonio Zoo

Every time we go to the zoo someone at the from offers to take our picture.  They have a fancy camera and ask nicely,  but I usually say no thank you and we keep walking.  This time,  I decided to ask for more information.  Did you know that San Antonio Zoo offers a photo package that gets you digital copies of every photo from the day?  It’s called the giraffe package.  And I love it!!

I am a member of San Antonio zoo’s zootroop.  But I paid for this photo package 100% myself and it was worth every penny.

San Antonio Zoo lion statue near the entrance of the zoo. Photo taken by zoo staff. Part of their photo package.
Taken at the lion statue.

Sometimes there is someone standing out front near the Zoo sign before you come in.  We didn’t see that person this time,  but it would be included too if we had.

Walk a little further and you will get this pic.  If you find out you had your eyes closed,  like me,  they will retake it for you.  No extra charge to try again.

San Antonio Zoo near the entrance of the zoo. Photo taken by zoo staff. Part of their photo package.
Do overs are totally ok. Just ask. All the staff is so nice.

Of course you’re going to want to stop and see the baby hippo.  He was being so cute on this day,  for a little guy he sure has a big mouth.

Head up the ramp and past the Nile Crocodile and you will see a green screen set up.  This is a fun interactive photo op.  The kids will have a lot of fun with all the options.

Green screen hippo photo at San Antonio Zoo. Included in Photo Package
Green screen area.
Snake green screen for photo at San Antonio Zoo part of the photo package.
Little man did not totally get what was going on here. And it was almost nap time.
Green screen area hippo photo op San Antonio zoo photo package
Hippo pics.  I think little man is starting to figure it out.
Green screen area hippo photo op San Antonio zoo photo package
He’s not really sure what everyone is afraid of.
Green screen area hippo photo op San Antonio zoo photo package
He spotted the screen up above and is totally confused now.

I love how these pics turned out.  They actually only took the first three photos,  but we asked them to do that last pic when we saw the display photo on the desk.  This is where we bought our photo package.  It cost $45 plus tax.  It comes with a digital copy of every photo you take,  a cute frame,  and a 6×8 printout of your favorite pic.  If you decide you want to print more than one pic,  it’s only $5.00 extra.

The staff told us that pics at the giraffe feeding were included too,  so we headed that way next.

Check in here for the giraffe feeding here. Photos are included with the photo package at the San Antonio Zoo.
Check in here for the giraffe feeding.

For $7 they will give you 3 big lettuce leaves.  The whole family can head into the feeding area and get up close to the giraffes. The leaves can not be torn,  you will go up one at a time and the professionals will offer to take your photo.  Feeding times vary and are posted nearby.  These are our giraffe feeding photos.

Giraffe feeding photos. San Antonio Zoo photo package
Little man was pretty nervous. But he did it. First couple tries he dropped the lettuce.
Giraffe feeding photos. San Antonio Zoo photo package
The giraffes are so gentle and patient.
Giraffe feeding photos. San Antonio Zoo photo package
Professional giraffe feeder here. Done it before lots of times.
Giraffe feeding photos. San Antonio Zoo photo package
Last but not least. My little animal lover.

The hippo and zoo area gave me paper receipts with codes on them to download my photos.  The individual photographers gave me little cards that said San Antonio Zoo on them.  I recommend taking pics of each as you get them.

Receipt for digital photos from San Antonio Zoo photo package.
Take pics of all the cards and receipts they give you just in case.

If you lose them,  there is no way to get them back.  This is the second receipt.  The first one showed my total and how I paid.

So next time you’re at the zoo,  consider the photo package as a fun souvenir for the whole family.  If you know someone who has a zoo membership this would make a great gift.

Hope you enjoy your next trip to San Antonio Zoo!  Happy New Year!!



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Best Free Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas



Texas has a lot of great beaches.  Not all are free.  State parks and National parks charge a fee for entrance unless you hold an annual pass.  Padre Bali Park is a free public beach.  It offers a great parking lot very close to the water,  bathrooms, decent surfing, a fishing pier where you can purchase bait,  and a great restaurant.

parking lot and bathrooms
Parking, picnic areas, and the restrooms are close by.

We recently drove down for a nice relaxing day of fun in the sun.  We packed light.  Our trusty sand toys, shovel, and this bucket with the bottom cut out were all we needed to keep the kids entertained for hours.  We throw it all in the large black tote you see by the picnic tables strap it to our tiny trailer.

This keeps him busy for hours
Bob Hall Pier makes a great backdrop for photos of little man playing in the sand.

padre island bali park texas beaches

Sand Castle tip: Cut the bottom out of your bucket. Fill it with sand and a little water and pack it down tightly.

padre island bali park texas beach
The water was a little chilly on this windy day so the kids asked to be buried in the sand.

Take a couple mesh bags to bring towels and laundry home in so you can just throw them straight in the laundry when you get home. The little mesh bags are also great for collecting sea shells in and rinsing the sand off in the ocean before you leave.

Can’t be too safe.  I never let anyone in the family in the water without life jackets.

Rip currents
Pay attention to all safety signs.

padre island bali park parking lot texas beach

You can drive onto the beach to the left side of the parking lot. Driving on Texas beaches requires a permit with the exception of the beach at the National Seashore.  More info on beach parking permits can be found here.

A permit is good for a year if you decide to buy one.  Parking in the super close parking lot right by the beach, bathroom, trash cans, and picnic tables, is free.

padre island beach bali park

Have the kids write their name in the sand themselves and you will get not only their handwriting, but possibly one of their cute nicknames as well. I think pictures make the best free souvenirs.

under the pier at mikel mays bob hall pier padre island bali park best free beach texas beaches
The pier makes a nice backdrop for photos. We took a photo in this very spot last year when we were considering whether or not we would move to Texas.

The beach at Padre Bali Park is free.  You can play and surf and fish from the beach all day for free.  The pier is not free.  It is privately owned and there is a charge to go out onto the pier,  and another separate charge for fishing poles brought onto the pier.  A quick youtube search of the fishing at Bob Hall Pier will definitely impress you.  You can catch anything from red snapper to sting rays and sharks.

Bob Hall Pier Sign at Padre Bali Park best free beach Corpus Christi Texas
Bob Hall Pier Sign
bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christi texas fishing pier
Pay at the window

Turn left when you get to the gate to head to Mikel Mays.  No charge to get into the restaurant.  Pier rules and fees are listed here.  For more info on the pier check out the this link.

Click here for panoramic shots of the view form Mikel Mays.  I would love to post a link to the menu,  but their website seems to be down.  So I will keep an eye on that and hopefully be able to update it soon.

The kids menu is pretty standard,  corn dogs, chicken strips, and popcorn shrimp.  My kids loved it,  The servings were huge.

kids chicken strip basket mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christicorn dog basket mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christikids popcorn shrimp basket mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christi

I ordered the Nachos from the appetizer menu.  What can I say,  I’m a sucker for nachos.  I added the spicy chili.  It was spicy.  I shared with everyone.  We all loved it.  It would be equally delicious without the chili if you’re not wanting spicy.

Nachos from the appetizer menu with spicy chili on top. mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christi texas

My son got the Shrimp Tacos.  My husband got big fried shrimp.  Both are made with fresh gulf shrimp.  My son is a huge fan of shrimp tacos.  He gets these every time we go and they never disappoint.

shrimp tacos mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali park best free beach corpus christi texasshrimp with onion rings and fries mikel mays bob hall pier padre bali best free beach park corpus christi texas

We had a great day.  We could’ve just as easily packed a picnic and ate at a picnic table. It would have made our day at the beach free. But Mikel May’s is part of our new tradition.  Let the kids run and play under the pier.  Stop and take a few photos.  Slow down, and enjoy a day at the beach.







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5 Reasons you Should Visit the San Antonio Zoo at Christmastime During the Day

I know it sounds crazy.  Zoo lights are gorgeous.  There’s no arguing that.  But let’s consider these top 5 reasons why you should skip the zoo lights and just go during the day.

#1.  Low crowds.  Literally everybody wants to see zoo lights.  And the entire city will be trying to cram into the adorable little parking lot.  Imagine the traffic!! No thanks.  We went around 2 and the parking lot was mostly empty.  The zoo was delightfully unbusy and little man got to get out of the wagon and run without me having to worry.

San Antonio Zoo at Christmas. Skip the zoo lights.
So much better experience when he can get out and meet the animals up close and not have to fight for that prime viewing spot.

#2.  The animals are so much more active.  Check out this video of the adorable baby hippo.  Half of the animals won’t even be out in their habitats come nighttime.

#3.  We’re not all amazing photographers.  You know we all have those pics of our kids in front of Christmas lights where their little faces have so much shadow that you’re not even sure if those are your kids or not.  Not a problem during the day.  Enjoy the beautiful photo ops and decorations with the perfect shade from the gorgeous oak trees.

#4.  You can enjoy Brackenridge Park  for a bit before the drive home.  This place is amazing and deserves a post of its own in the near future.  This bridge was literally the coolest thing.  The kids and I were all freaking out as my husband drove over it.

Coolest bridge ever!! You can drive over or through the river on this bridge at Brackenridge Park.
Coolest bridge ever!!


click here for a super short video of the coolest bridge ever!!

Bridge at Brackenridge Park

And #5.  The top reason why you should go ahead and visit the zoo at Christmastime during the day…drum roll please!!!!

You can ride the camels anytime of day!  For $8.00 per person you can ride the camel.  What’s more Christmasy than that?  It doesn’t cost any more to let the kids ride the camel all by themselves or together.  So I let them have their own individual ride,  and there was no on in line behind us,  making us feel rushed to hurry them along.  They enjoyed every moment of it!

So that’s it!  5 reasons why you should just go during the day.   Christmas is a busy time of year for all of us.  If you time it right,  you might still be there when they turn the lights on.  And you might even make it home in time to keep the littles on something close to their normal bedtime schedule.

If you love the zoo animals as much as we do,  consider a membership.  More info on that here.

Also consider checking out some of my other favorite animal lover experiences at nearby SeaWorld San Antonio

Warning,  once you see the baby hippo you’re gonna want anything and everything hippo related for yourself and your littles.

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Top characters to meet at SeaWorld Christmas Celebration


We spent a couple hours at SeaWorld this weekend.  Met some adorable Characters in their Christmas attire and picked up our free Annual Passholder ornament.  Just another perk of being an annual passholder.

Wave Breaker ornament Seaworld
SeaWorld San Antonio’s annual passholder ornament

I had seen this glass dolphin ornament online and wanted it for my daughter to help her remember her dolphin swim from earlier this year.  More info on that here.

Then we ran around the park and met some characters.  First we stopped near Shamu stadium and met Rudolph, Clarice, Abominable, and Yukon Cornelius!!! I was so excited.  We booked  dine with Rudolph and friends  for later this month,  but I couldn’t wait for the kids to meet them.

Character meet SeaWorld San Antonio. Christmas Celebration.
Character meet SeaWorld San Antonio. Christmas Celebration.

The Rudolph area was really cute.  Lots of merchandise and games to play.  My son played this game. It was kind of like Plinko and he won the little dentist plush toy.

Seaworld San Antonio Christmas Celebration
Hermie the Dentist. Very cute. He won this on a game where everyone wins. It only costs $5 to play. So this was actually a better choice than just buying Hermie for full price.

More cute games to play and prizes to win.

Meeting all these characters on such a busy day meant a lot of hopping in and out for little man.  Glad we brought our new wagon instead of trying to get him in and out of the stroller.  He just loves the wagon because it lets him hold his popcorn bucket and his blanket and babies are always close by.  I love this wagon because it’s unlike any other wagon in that you can pull or push it!! How cool is that?  It also can hold up to 150 pounds which is awesome when you have a baby who is larger than life in both personality and size.  This thing has been a life saver on our park trips.  For more info on our little wagon check out this link:

Creative Outdoors Push Pull Wagon

Next up we went over to Santa’s workshop and met a real reindeer!  They even let the kids hold a real antler.  They loved it.

Character meet SeaWorld San Antonio. Christmas Celebration.
Reindeer meet SeaWorld San Antonio. Christmas Celebration.

We also met Shamu in his Santa hat in his usual spot by the fountains.  

We shopped quite a bit.  So much cute holiday merchandise.

We did not stop,  but there was a pretty long line to meet an adorable dolphin and some of her friends all in Christmas scarves and hats.  The park looked amazing all decorated and we can’t wait to go back and see it with all the lights on.  Check out SeaWorld’s official Christmas page  here     for more info and showtimes.

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How to choose the perfect Local Christmas Tree

Wow!  Christmas is less than a month away now and we are already super busy exploring all that San Antonio area has the offer.  Saturday we headed out to the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm.

We have never had a real tree before,  but when we moved we gave our old tree away.  So this was our chance.  We were all so excited!  We arrived about 15 minutes before they opened and there was already a line of people waiting to get in.  When you go through the gate there are lots of helpful employees wearing red baseball caps.  They have lots of information about the different types of trees.  Some are grown on site,  some are brought in from Norh Carolina,  others are in a pot so you can plant them in your yard after Christmas.  Read more about the types of trees offered here.

Click here for price info.

There’s plenty to see and do here.  I recommend doing your hayride and photo ops before you choose your tree so it won’t dry out in the Texas sun while you explore.

Local Christmas Tree Farm.
Watch the little ones grow every year when you come back to get your tree at Pipe Creek Tree Farm. It can be a fun family tradition.
Pipe Creek Tree Farm Local Christmas trees
Another fun photo op. With room for Santa and all the ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

They provide a saw and measureing pole.  Once you’ve chosen your tree, measure it so you have an idea how much you’re spending, and then give everyone a turn trying to cut it down.

Timber.  Click here for a short video.

Pull your tree up to the front and they will give it a good shake to get any loose needles or chipmunks out of it.  (Just kidding,  I didn’t really see any chipmunks in the trees. 🙂 They have this super cool machine that wraps the tree tightly for you too.


You’ll head over to the cashier where you can pick up a few other cute things like a fresh wreath.  Then someone will carry your tree to your car and tie it down really really well with the string that they provide!  How easy is that?

Christmas tree helper
They carry your Christmas tree to the car for you.
Pipe Creek Christmas tree farm
They even provide the string and tie it down really well for you!

All that’s left to do is take it home and decorate it!  The drive there and back is gorgeous.  If you had wanted to take a drive through Hill Country and see the leaves changing now if your chance.  Head out to Pipe Creek Tree Farm this week and get your home ready for Christmas.  We loved it and it is definitely going to be a new holiday tradition for our family.  Merry Christmas y’all!




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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park Christmas

Christmas in Texas is taking some getting used to for sure.  We wore shorts when we decorated for Christmas this week.  And there is definitely no snow in San Antonio.  But there is for sure no shortage of ways to get in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is not to be missed.  If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit there is no better place to start then Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park.  The park is all decked out in it’s finest and it looks amazing!

Click here to check out a short video of the entryway area all lit up.

Make sure you download the app here and check the park hours before heading out.  Holiday hours vary by day and are much different than the summer hours.  You can also find show times in the app.  But I love the holiday park map and show guide.  It really makes it so much easier for me to plan our evening if I can see exactly what is happening and where.  So grab a map on your way in or bookmark this post so you can bring up these photos while you’re there.


We haven’t seen all the Christmas shows yet,  but top priority for my littles is always character shows.  So we headed to Sangerfest Hall for the Looney Tunes show.  They did not disappoint.  So much energy.  I don’t know how they do it,  but I love it.

Click here for a short preview of the Looney Tunes Christmas show and a tip to get your kids on stage.  More on meeting Characters and getting your picture with them in this link:  Character Meet and Greets at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Characters at Christmas Holiday in the park.

After the show we rode a few rides and had dinner using our dining plan. The dining plan is worth it’s weight in gold. Best thing I could’ve done was buy that premium dining plan when it was on sale. We use it all the time.  More on the dining plan here.

We decided to get pizza at Primo’s Pizzeria as it was right next to the tree and I did not want to miss the tree lighting ceremony.

The Christmas tree lighting at six Flags Fiesta Texas is so pretty.  The tree is massive.  Standing at 60 ft tall it is lit every day that the park is open at 6:00pm.  There’s not a bad seat for the tree lighting,  but if you want an actual seat you are going to need to arrive at least an hour early.  We decided to eat dinner first and then sneak out the side door.  We had a great view of the tree with almost no one in front of us.  We did not have a great view of the a cappella group that goes on right before the tree lighting.  But we did get to see Sylvester and Daffy bust a move “backstage”  which was really ten times better than a choreographed show anyway.  See a preview of that here:  here.  Or follow me on Facebook here to see the full video plus other great clips, tips, and tricks before they hit the blog.

So as I said before our spot was great, but not perfect.  If you want to see the Tinseltones perform you’ll want a better seat. Their show starts at 5:45.  There are two other Tinseltone shows at 3:30 and 7:30 in front of the tree if you want to catch them at another time.  Watch the tree lighting ceremony here.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park.
Snow on the Christmas tree at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio Six Flags Christmas
Children playing in the snow at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park 2017

As soon as the Christmas tree lights, Santa can be seen on the rooftop of Rockville high and then there’s a few fireworks shot off.  We had a hard time seeing Santa and the fireworks.  But we had the best spot for the snow.  It’s actually bubbles,  but it shot off right over our heads.  All the children loved it!

The tree is beautiful and the street is decorated so nicely you’re definitely going to want to  take lots of photos.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
The street in front of Batman the ride.
Even the palm trees are lit up at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park.
Holiday in the park

Even the palm trees are lit up.  How cute is that?

Holiday in the park six Flags Fiesta Texas
According to the map, sometimes there is snow over here too and you can meet the snow princess here.
Stop in Crack Axle Canyon to Meet Santa. We haven’t done this yet. (I had the kids all dressed in Christmasy clothes looking super cute when little man decided to spread pink lipstick literally all over his face and his Christmas shirt. So we had to change and will meet Santa another time.) I will update with Santa pics as soon as we have them though.

So that’s it for now.  Obviously there are still lots of shows to see and review.  I’ll try to get to them all,  and keep posting lots of info. Next week we head to SeaWorld San Antonio for their Christmas lights.  I hear it’s amazing!  Also December 2nd is the ornament giveaway for annual passholders.  So I definitely don’t want to miss that!  Merry Christmas y’all!!



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Day hikes, photo ops, and dinosaur tracks. Cibolo Nature Center has it all.

Fall has finally arrived here in the hill country. Around every corner you can see touches of yellow, orange, and red.

The mornings are a little cooler, and the clear water in Cibolo Creek is calling for you to come wading through it.  About 5 minutes East of IH-10 hiding behind Boerne City Park is  Cibolo Nature Center.  Whether you live in the San Antonio area or are just visiting it’s a great escape from the city and an easy, safe, and FREE way to see the beauty of the hill country.  
Stop in at Longhorn Cafe and have them pack you a tasty picnic lunch to go. What could be easier than that?

We arrived around 9:00am and almost had the place to ourselves. Click  here for a beautiful 360 view of the visitor center.
 The visitors center is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Head up the ramp or stairs and stop here to pick up a map.

My little guy wanted to be in charge of the map.

Most of the trails could handle a good stroller or a really good wheelchair.  It will be harder to get down to the river but not impossible.
  Head to the right of the visitor center and you will find real dinosaur tracks that the kids can touch, stand in, and jump to.  These were a huge hit with my Dino loving family.


Photo ops are everywhere so charge up those batteries.  All these pics were taken with my iPhone, but we are definitely bringing the “good” camera next time.
  These cute benches can be found around every turn.


The bird watching area has an adorable spiral staircase and play area/obstacle course nearby.

Lots of cute picnic spots.

We continued down the trail toward the water.  I had searched photography in Boerne on Pinterest earlier in the week and knew the river was the place to be. It did not disappoint. With stepping stones to cross the clear water and a hidden sidewalk just below the surface, it’s the perfect spot for every age and skill level.

I have to admit that this photo was staged. I made my husband carry him out there and set him on the stepping stone. Naively thinking that he would not get his cowboy boots wet. Shortly after this pic he splashed in the shallow water for a few minutes and then proceeded to fall into a pool that left him waist deep in water. His boots made a lovely sound as I pulled them off and dumped the contents back into the river. He was a little upset that he couldn’t run back on the trail with no shoes on.

Wishing I would have put my little in his water shoes, but man those boots look cute.  Plenty to keep the kids busy.  Playing in the river, climbing trees, balancing on the stepping stones.

Little cowboy found some horseshoe prints.
Lots of cool rocks and bridges.
You run faster when you put your arms behind you like that.

So much safe space for the kids to run and play.  It’s ideal for toddlers.  Makes me want to join in on the little explorers program. 

The Nature Center offers a variety of programs.

We have only lived here a short time and have already made so many amazing memories on our Adventures in San Antonio.


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Feeding the sea lions at SeaWorld. Easiest, cheapest, and most rewarding animal experience.

Planning a trip to SeaWorld San Antonio can mean booking tours months in advance,  scheduling lunch with the Orcas and looking up showtimes.  There is so much to see and do and you don’t want to miss a thing.  But spur of the moment and having things that don’t have to be on a schedule can help fill the down time at a lot more relaxing pace and give you a chance to breathe and really enjoy the smiles on the kid’s faces.

Every day starting at 10am for only $6 you can feed the sea lions.  No appointment necessary.  Just show up and listen to sea lions call out to you.

Times do change throughout the year, but are posted on this sign.








Tucked away behind Sea Lion High is Pacific Point Preserve.  Just follow the path up over the hill to this hidden habitat.

Pacific point Preserve is directly behind Sea Lion High.
Follow the path between the sign and the submarine.

Head up to the counter and ask for a tray of fish.  $6 for one or $20 for 5 trays of fish.  Our kids do one tray because not all the kids are willing to touch the fish,  but everybody loves the sea lions reaction to it so much.   I’m sure the kids would love it if I bought them more fish.

Check out this fun video of the kids feeding the sea lions.

They love their water slide.

Lots of built in shade back here.  You can also find a trainer or two walking the paths answering questions sometimes.   This is a nice place to let the little out of their wagon or stroller too,  because the path goes around the sea lion pool in a circle and there’s really nowhere for them to run off to.


If you go a little deeper past the sea lions,  you’ll find the otters.  They were sleeping last time we went,  but are usually very busy little guys.






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Cibolo Creek Brewing

We’ve lived in Boerne for a few months now and I want to start sharing some of my favorite places to eat with and without the kids.

Boerne is not a big town, but you’ll be surprised by all the good eats.

Cibolo Creek Brewing is a cute little brewery restaurant that lives in a beautiful old home on the South end of Main Street in Boerne, TX.  It’s locally owned and operated.  And the food is locally sourced and delicious!

You can sit out front at a picnic table or grab a swing on the front porch.  Head inside and you will find tables of all sizes and a stack of board games in the corner.  Grab a menu and get in line.

I ordered the Margherita Pizza and house white wine.  My husband ordered The Best Burger and Pinapple Cider.

You’ll take your drinks and a number and grab a table.  Make yourself at home,  wait staff comes around and says hello and tidies up as they go.

I took a sip of the pineapple cider and was instantly jealous.  I should’ve ordered it.  So so good. Sweet but not too sweet.  Wow!  Definitely getting that next time.

The food arrived and my flatbread was about as southern as pizza can get with big thick slices of green tomato.  The green tomato had held up very well to being baked and delivered a nice bite.  I had never thought of using green tomato on pizza before but this definitely works.

The Best Burger is just that.  Boerne has some great burgers.  But this is hands down the best burger I have EVER tasted!  It’s a combo of Wagyu and grass fed beef with the most delicately cut pink pickled onions,  this amazing beer mustard that I can’t even begin to compare to anything else,  and on the side,  a tangy house made barbecue sauce .  This is the stuff your burger dreams are made of.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Please excuse the fact that half the burger is already eaten. I couldn’t help myself. It’s even better than it looks.

As much as I want to try every restaurant in Boerne,  I am sure I will be visiting Cibolo Creek Brewing sooner rather than later.  With their friendly staff,  welcoming environment and burgers to die for,  how could I resist.

Click  here to check out their website for more info on current beers and a little about all the talented people who help make this place a local treasure.

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Longhorn Cafe

We’ve lived in Boerne for a few months now and I want to start sharing some of my favorite places to eat with and without the kids.

Boerne is not a big town, but you’ll be surprised by all the good eats.

Train themed playground Longhorn Cafe Boerne Texas
The kids will love the train theme on both the inside and out on the playground.

At the top of my list is Longhorn Cafe.

On the front, it’s a cool place to stop for gas, snacks, and milk shakes.

Longhorn Cafe and old no 9 general store
Don’t forget to explore the attached gift shop area. Super cute area to drink up your milkshake and enjoy the toy train set.

Look a little deeper and you’ll notice the water tower, the “crosswalk” sign at the drive thru,

the sound of children playing on the train inspired playground,

and the smells of delicious food!

You’ll order at the counter and then grab a drink and a table.

Menu Longhorn Cafe Boerne
New menus at Longhorn Cafe Boerne

Outside you’ll find Oak trees that shade picnic tables and this adorable play area.

Guacamole burger Longhorn Cafe Boerne
Guacamole burger Longhorn Cafe Boerne

The burger is so good that I just have to dive in. My favorite is the guacamole burger. The chili cheese fries are a meal in themselves!

Boerne is an amazing town.  With lots of other great things to do.

Click here for a short video from VisitBoerne.

I’ll keep adding to my post about where to eat next time you visit Boerne.

Check out this post for more info on spending a day at the nearby Guadalupe River State Park:

Hidden Gem in the Hill Country